Community Events

At Under the Oaks, we bring the stories, rhymes, songs, and natural materials of each season into our curriculum. Our teachers and staff share crafts, create puppet plays, prepare organic, seasonal foods and foster imaginative play indoors and out. We have festivals several times a year to connect with the community at large and share what we are learning and celebrate what nature provides us.

Under the Stars at  Under the Oaks Summer Kickoff Celebration!

Upcoming Events

Along with the teachers and staff, family and community volunteers help to create our celebrations. We enjoy the chance to step beyond education and to connect with the families and businesses of our community. Thank you to everyone who helps to make these events possible.

Previous Events

  • Lantern Walk
  • Advent Spiral
  • Opening Celebration
  • Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
  • Halloween Day Celebration and Shadow Puppet Show